Who We Are:

The Alliance of Industrial Professionals is a membership-driven team of independent contractors and suppliers who service industrial and manufacturing clients.

Business Objectives:

To develop qualified, industrial and manufacturing sales leads for Alliance Members through a comprehensive eMail Marketing program.

Marketing Strategy:

To present a unified and professional marketing image showcasing Alliance Members as a client’s one-stop shop for contractor and supplier services.

Program Features:

A central, private database of all member leads and prospects.

A monthly, professionally managed, email Marketing campaign to identify sales leads by name and topic.

A common website showcasing Alliance Members and links to their own company websites and contact information.

A monthly spreadsheet with individual names of people who responded and clicked on your company’s information.


Open to any contractor or supplier servicing industrial or manufacturing businesses.

Annual membership subscription, paid either annually or monthly.

Participate in a monthly email campaign, promote your completes projects to the entire membership database and link your company’s website.

Monthly list of qualified sales leads (name and email) based on actual user activity.

Lead Follow-Up and Privacy:

Customer and prospect list is securely managed and is not sold or shared with other members.

Members are free to follow-up with qualified sales leads who respond to their company’s eMail content (logo or headline).

When contacting a sales lead which you did not provide, ask the members for an introduction and additional contact information.

The membership list and email campaign adheres to privacy and governmental laws.